Crazy Spiral Temple in Missouri

Kansas and Missouri

I went to Kansas in November for a good friend’s wedding, and Colin and I decided to check out some of the strange and fun sights in the area. One of our stops was to a church in Independence, Mo., described by as a “swirly rocket-ship temple.” Clearly, this couldn’t be missed. We ate our weight in Kansas City barbecue and headed to Independence. As we drove toward the temple, it did indeed look like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Outside the temple.

Kansas and Missouri

We walked to the front door, past rows of blazing fall trees, and entered the impressive facility. We weren’t sure what kind of church it was, but we wanted to see the inside of this crazy spiral.

Kansas and Missouri

Inside the church was a reception desk with a bowl full of white paper cranes—a symbol of peace, according to the woman at the desk. She offered us one and asked if we’d like to see a video about the church, and we agreed rather hesitantly. We learned it was a Community of Christ Church and watched a video about Joseph Smith and the Mormon faith. It actually all felt more informative than propaganda, and it was interesting. After the video, we went into the sanctuary.

A woman was practicing hymns at the biggest organ I’d ever seen, and Colin and I sat in silence as the music echoed through the sanctuary.


Kansas and Missouri

Above us, the inside of the spiral curled into space. It was a bit dizzying to stare for too long, but I couldn’t look away.



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